Tips for Successful Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is included in the list of popular and promising eSports disciplines. The game came out in 2016 and immediately blew up the market. Almost all bookmakers who accept bets on eSports offer Overwatch betting.

Modes of Overwatch Shooter

Learn more about Overwatch game and its pros. Overwatch is a mix of first-person shooter and MOBA. Tournaments are held only in 6x6 team mode. The game has several modes with different victory conditions:

  • Capture points;
  • Object control;
  • Escort;
  • hybrid.

There are more modes in the client itself, but we are only interested in tournament ones. "Capture points" means the capture and retention of certain locations on the map. In the "control object" you need to fight for holding a position on the map. “Escort” - it is necessary to guard / attack a certain object before its arrival at a key location. "Hybrid" - a mixture of modes "support" and "capture points." In this case, in each mode, the main focus is reduced to battles and shootouts. The game is played on different maps, the pool of which is determined before the start of the match.

Gameplay and Overwatch Betting Features

Before the start of the match, players choose their characters (heroes) by analogy with Dota 2 and LoL. There are a total of 27 characters in Overwatch, but in the future there should be even more. Each has unique abilities and characteristics. Characters, depending on their abilities, are divided into 3 classes (roles):

  • tanks - characters with a large stock of health and strength;
  • damage - heroes that inflict basic damage on enemies;
  • support - treat / bafay, put mines and make other auxiliary actions.

Unlike Dota 2, there are no hero bans in Overwatch. In different teams, there may be the same characters. This feature provides the maximum balance of the characters, which is very important in the competitive scene.

Professional Tournaments

In 2017, the developer Blizzard announced the creation of the largest e-sports league in history. Overwatch League will unite the strongest organizations with a composition of the discipline. The cost of the slot in the Overwatch League is 20-30 million dollars. All players in teams sign contracts, have coaches, and so on. And league matches are held on the lan in the big arenas and with the audience.

The first season of the Overwatch League started on December 6, 2017. The prize fund was $ 3.5 million. The slots in the league acquired 12 major cyber organizations from America, Europe, Korea and China.

Almost all premium matches on Overwatch fall on the Overwatch League from Blizzard. The league consists of regular season and playoffs. The Overwatch World Cup was also announced - a kind of Overwatch World Championship, in which the national teams that have passed the selection should play.

But in addition to these tournaments, there are many others under the auspices of independent organizers. You can bet on almost all matches, including qualifications online.