Chris Mouch


Chris Mouch is an old soul.  It radiates the second you hear his enormous voice.  There is a wisdom and familiarity when he sings and it is infectious.

He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and spent 6 years in Southern California. His journey, filled with a wide array of influences such as Cash, Dylan, Otis, and Cooke has helped him discover his own voice in a world where the lines of country, rock, pop, and soul seem to intertwine seamlessly. Nashville, now his new home, has welcomed and truly let him blossom.  His live performances are where you really get a sense of the true artist he has become. “My home is on stage.  It’s where I can always be myself and connect with others.”

You can find Mouch at Big Shotz! weekly as he continues to write and record his new album with Daredevil Production at Ragtop Studios on Music Row.  Visit his website.