Heroes Who Can Turn the Game Over in Your Favor

There are many heroes in Dota 2, each of them is good in its own way. Due to the good balance, they are all almost equal. It often happens when one team loses a lot at another at a certain stage of the game. In order to turn the game over in your favor, you must either wait for the opponent's mistake, or choose one of the following heroes and learn the game basics. All of them are able to turn the game at any stage with proper execution.

All the top-ranked characters presented here, turn the game due to their abilities. The essence of a game manager is to have less gold and experience, but to kill a stronger opponent team. The order does not matter, they are all strong in different situations. Learn more about such characters before taking part in dota 2 tournaments.


This skullbreaker shows itself perfectly when you need to fight in a narrow passage. The essence of his power in the second passive. If someone did not know, the damage from splashing is not blocked by anything. This means that hitting the cotton support will cause much more damage to the hero standing behind than hitting the hero himself. Sven turned over more than one game and more than one fight due to his ultimate, which at the 16th level increases his damage by 3 times. If you successfully camp on several enemies, you can erase them in a few seconds, even if you have almost no artifacts.


The famous Ravage has long been turning the games around. The strength of Tide in his ulta, the point is that he stuns many enemies at once over a large area, during which time your team can remove a couple of support from the fight. And then the opponents are forced to fight 3 on 5, which even with a good score can be fatal.


This hero can be called the best gamer in Dota 2. He can give complete invulnerability to the whole team from physical damage. If the opponent fights with you in this case, he will most likely lose. By collecting Aganim, you can impose invulnerability on all buildings and even creeps. If you managed to collect a refresher, then standing on the fountain, you can give 20 seconds of complete invulnerability to your base and team.


Doom is good if one player dominates the enemy team. Under his ulta no hero can continue to fight, but is forced to retreat. Throwing this skill at enemy Carry, you can pick it up very quickly, thereby giving the team a lot of gold and experience. If this happens, then it is quite possible that your team will begin to return to the ranks a little.


Having pulled all the enemies into one place, it is very convenient to hit them with many abilities or just hit with a splash from the second skill. It is very convenient that the Ultus Magnus passes through spell immunity, so nothing will save it.