Efficient Teamwork in CS:GO

Your adventure in CS:GO is based on teamwork. Thus, clear communication becomes a key to success. But things are not as simple as they seem. There are some tricks to be used to make bet on csgo matches work for everyone.

Cooperation between you and your teammates

During the match, even a little negative thing you say to one of your teammates can affect the whole team and its performance. By saying a bad thing in a positive way, you will show your teammate that they are doing something wrong. At the same time, they won’t feel depressed about that. Negativity can ruin your team like disease so cheer up and move on.

Facing the opposing team

The one you will like hating. Don't let the members of the opposite team to talk to you and your teammates. By answering to them, you can lose focus on your game. Thus, you should be careful with letting them mess with you. Also, do not allow them to affect your mood so much.

Player positioning policies

Player positioning is the key to winning your game. Once your tactic for the round is formulated, make sure everyone knows their function and position. One man on the wrong position will cost your team the round. This rule works for both CT and T sides of the match!

Whether you play on offense or defense, the gaps cannot be left in your coverage strategy. Make sure your teammates stick to their positions until gameplay changes. Don't just move around chaotically, as you can leave your fellow teammates without proper back-up. Remember, if you need to relocate due to new game details then your other teammates will need to rotate as well.

Making a purchase at the beginning of rounds

Don’t forget that before each round starts, everyone has about 15 seconds to make a purchase. Always pay attention to everyone's cash amounts before buying something. For instance, you have $50k but everyone else only has 10 to 25k. Your team should be on an "eco" round until everyone has enough cash to buy half to a full purchase. If the round is an important one then you can do a force buy to better pistols/smg's with extra assistance from your high cash amount. Be attentive with your decisions though. If you fail the round you most likely have to go more rounds than you have expected. After all, this is a game requires teamwork to be productive so think of yourself and your teammates as a whole thing.

Final word

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